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Areas of Conversations


The conversation of Accumulation can assist you to create a strategy to help reach your accumulation objectives by

  • Defining their goals
  • Reviewing their current resources
  • Identifying shortfalls and evaluating possible solutions

At Retirement

Designed for recent retirees or those just on the threshold of retirement, this conversation can help you budget effectively for retirement spending by:

  • Defining how long they will need retirement funding
  • Determining how much funding they may need
  • Illustrating how long their assets may last

Debt Management

Excessive debt can keep you from reaching both your immediate and long-term financial goals. If debt is a problem, you need a strategy to pay your debts in the most timely and cost-effective manner possible. This conversation can assist you create a debt-management strategy by:

  • Gathering their debt and income information
  • Reviewing their current debt situation
  • Exploring debt reduction strategies such as loan consolidation


The ability to earn an income is your greatest financial resource. Disabling accidents or illnesses strike without warning and can quickly reduce or eliminate the ability to earn an income. This conversation can assist you by creating a disability protection strategy for you:

  • Illustrating replacement income needs
  • Identifying potential sources of income
  • Exploring options to fund any shortfall

Education Funding

The key to a child's future is a college education, this conversation will help  you create an education funding strategy by:

  • Defining education goals and expectations
  • Reviewing current preparation
  • Identifying shortfalls and ways to overcome them

Estate Preservation

Without proper Estate planning, a large part of an estate may go to the federal government. This conversation can assist in creating a strategy to help protect estates and pass them to beneficiaries by:

  • Reviewing the current estate
  • Estimating future estate value along with estate tax implications
  • Illustrating possible estate tax reduction & funding strategies

Financial Statements

Based on income and expenses, your financial information will be used to determine their current cash flow, income statement and balance sheet.

IRA Analyzer

Saving enough money for retirement can be challenging. An Individual Retirement Account, or IRA, can help you accumulate funds for their retirement while offering tax advantages. This analysis stresses IRA strategies by:

  • Explaining different IRA options
  • Reviewing IRA limits and qualifications
  • Comparing possible alternatives in light of your situation
  • Illustrating a Roth IRA rollover

Lump Sum Pension

Knowing all the options is the key to making the appropriate distribution decision for a qualified plan. This conversation explore the Lump Sum option to make an informed qualified distribution decision by:

  • Explaining their options
  • Exploring each option's tax consequences
  • Outlining the steps they need to take to implement their decision


This conversation can help create a retirement funding strategy by:

  • Defining retirement goals and expectations
  • Reviewing current preparation
  • Identifying shortfalls and ways to overcome the shortfalls

Survivor Needs

Most people plan to provide for their families in the event of untimely death, but few plan adequately to completely fund their needs. This conversation helps identify what you could do to fund their needs by:

  • Defining immediate and long-term needs
  • Reviewing current resources
  • Identifying shortfalls and evaluating possible solutions

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